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Unlocking Special Features

There are now four classes of additional license available.

  • Academic
  • Charity
  • Personal
  • Business

To request the additional unlock key please send an email to license @ cameditor . org

The table here shows the features that are unlocked for each category:

Feature Use Type Notes Available
XML Designer All Create XML / JSON structure Yes
XML Modelling All Produce models and documentation Yes
XML Testing All Validation and Example generation Yes
Dictionary Tools All Create and Use Component Dictionaries Yes
Open Data Tools All Create and Use Open Data (including JSON) Yes
Forms - Pencil Personal Create Mock up forms and reports for use in [Pencil] tool Key needed
Forms - SAIL Business Create Full Function Appian SAIL forms, grids and reports Key needed
MySQL Tables All Create and manage SQL tables for MySQL Yes
SQL Tables Business Create and manage Microsoft SQL / Oracle DB tables Key needed

Academic Key

To qualify for this you need to provide a valid .edu email address, the course name, and duration for the course or project. We will provide a key file that can be used for that educational purpose.

Charity Key

This is for charitable uses. Please provide a valid .org (or equivalent institution) email address, the charity name and the duration of the project effort. We will contact you further to facilitate providing the appropriate key file(s).

Personal Key

This is for non-business related work that is not for paid work. This allows you to design user mock up forms and reports using Pencil.

Business Key

All other uses qualify for this category. We will contact you further to facilitate providing the appropriate key file(s).

Special Features Overview

Pencil Mockups

The CAM Editor forms export creates Pencil .ep files that you can then open using the Pencil Mockup editor available from pencil.evolus.vn

This allows you to quickly preview the user interface and make changes in the CAM template. Once the design is good, you can export to the actual working target format.

Pencil Screenshots

Pencil Editor with generated 2 column form

Example Generated 2 column form

Screenshots from Pencil form mockup visual interface tools in Editor (here ^^^) and in Full Screen View mode (right ^^^)