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CAM Project News

The last release of the Delano series CAM v3.1 is now available. This is a performance and feature improvement release. New with the CAM v3.0 release is support for JSON tools. For the overview of new features, see the release notes.

The CAM editor video tutorial is available on line.

The new CAM podcast is also available here on Sourceforge.

The CAM with SQL and XML video is available here on Youtube.

CAM Adoption News

  • January, 2014 - The CAM editor v3.1 with enhanced performance and features release
  • August, 2013 - New CAM editor v3.0 release with JSON support
  • March, 2013 - New CAM editor v2.4 release with enhanced collaboration tools
  • January, 2013 - EU Joinup OSS tools directory now formally lists CAM Editor
  • January, 2012 - IEEE/P1622 EML project work uses CAM templates for standards testing and test suite validation
  • December, 2011 - NIEM SAR v2.0 (Suspicious Activity Reporting) developed using CAMeditor and NIEM/LEXS/SAR component dictionaries
  • November, 2011 - Automotive Industry Repair Parts Ordering BODs validation implemented using CAM templates